As we are all aware the recent worldwide outbreak of the Coronavirus COVID-19 has hit the shores of Ireland. We at the Irish Pool Association are acutely aware of the risks posed by the spread of the COVID-19 and have put in place a set of safety measures to ensure that our players are protected to the best of our ability while still ensuring the development of the game of Pool in Ireland

Until further notice the following restrictions are in place and will be strictly enforced at all IPA events until further notice :

  1. Access to the hall at all venues will be subject to Government guidelines.
  2. The IPA are asking all players to refrain from shaking hands before or after matches at all events.
  3. The hosting venue and the IPA will be providing hand sanitizing products throughout the venues at all events. We are HIGHLY encouraging all players to avail of these services frequently while on the premises.
  4. At all times our events will be ran in conjunction with Government and HSE guidelines at the time of our events. 

In addition to the above the IPA committee will be ensuring the following at all future events :

  1. Tables and equipment will be cleaned and sterilised prior to the start of each session of play across each ranking weekend.
  2. Periodic additional cleaning will be done during play. This should only take a few minutes per table and should not delay proceedings to much.
  3. Until further notice scoring tablets will no longer be used by players during matches. Scores are to be reported to the Top table when a match has finished.

We understand that COVID-19 is a major concern for everyone but we hope that the steps outlined above show that player safety is our main concern.

To view or download our comprehensive Covid-19 Policy document please click the button below